With more and more people looking for jobs, employment recruiting agencies and HR offices are flooded every day with tons of resumes. While we're sure a good amount of them are pristine and make individuals look amazing on paper, there's always that interesting resume that would make you scratch your head and ask, "Seriously?"

"Morning Express" host Robin Meade recently revealed CareerBuilder's most memorable list of resume faux pas, and some of them were just too hilarious (and crazy) to be true. After seeing that listing "God" as a reference and a 24-page summary of a job seeker's career made the list, we went out and asked a few people in recruiting and H.R. to tell us the goofiest things they'd found on resumes.

"Someone who used to work at Subway called himself a 'Sandwich Artist' on his resume." -- Katie, a recruiter in Jersey City, N.J.

"One person had typos all over his resume like 'take order for the costumersz and provide good customer service' when he described his time at McDonald's. Someone [else] also put baking as one of their skills and then in parentheses put 'pies, cupcakes, cakes, etc.'" -- Michelle, New York–based staffing consultant.

"So one time when I was working in P.R. I had someone drop off a resume to the front desk of the office. (We weren't even hiring at the time!) He was a math major with NO P.R. experience. I couldn't even understand the resume since it was all written in numerical data, but the ONE section I could read was the Additional Information at the bottom where he wrote 'Mathematical Genius and Kung Fu Champion.' I assume he dropped off MANY of these around NYC that day.

"Another thing I often get are head shots. People (women, usually) attach head shots to their resumes? This happened a lot when I was working on events, often from people looking for internships. Strange. I would never bring in anyone who sent me a head shot -- it's creepy." -- Rosemary, former recruiter, New York

"After interviewing a candidate, I looked her up on the Internet and the first result was her name and aka on ripoffreport.com detailing her salacious affair with a married man. She was described as a 'homewrecking whore.' Her name was rather unique and she lived in the same city, so there was no doubt that it was her." -- Al, a recruiter in San Diego

Watch the video below to find out more resume no-nos.