Women confide in their friends, men not so much.We tell our best friends everything ... but guys would rather confess their misdeeds to someone less judgmental.

According to a poll of Illicit Encounter users, 43 percent of women who have an affair confide in a friend (and 15 percent confide in multiple friends). Men, on the other hand, prefer to confess their transgressions to randos. Just 6 percent of guys polled said they would tell a pal if they cheated. Oddly enough, twice as many said they'd tell a stranger.

According to a relationship expert, men have different kinds of friendship and are wary about sharing anything with their brosephs that could leave them vulnerable. Women, on the other hand, would not talk to strangers because they feel they have no way of trusting them. You know, because they're strangers.

Overall, only 28 percent of women don't let somebody know when they've had an affair, as opposed to 77 percent of men.

Would you keep a secret like that to yourself, or would you at least want to tell your favorite bartender? (You know, if he wasn't the culprit.)