Women will go to drastic lengths to avoid having that fourth boy, even turning to superstition on occasion. But what if having a mini Suri Cruise was as simple as chowing down on burritos instead of snacking on bananas?

According to a study by scientists from Masstricht University in Holland, a combination of diet and the timing of sex are key to determining whether your little tyke will be in pink or blue.

So, if you're after a little girl to live vicariously through, ditch sodium- and potassium-rich foods (like olives, pepperoni pizza and BLTs) for foods high in calcium and magnesium (like yogurt, hard cheese, spinach, tofu, almonds, nuts, broccoli and beans). The scientists also suggest that avoiding intercourse on days right before or after ovulation is more likely to give you a little lady.

The five-year-long study's results are based on 172 Western European women age 23 to 42, who had all given birth to boys previously. Of the 21 who stuck it through to the end and managed to handle the strict dietary requirements (hey, we'd have a hard time giving up smoked salmon and bread, too), 16 gave birth to daughters, making the success rate almost 80 percent.

As far as we know, men's diets have no effect on a baby's gender, so don't let him tell you that a steady diet of Burger King is going to make miracles happen.