Some folks think some folks are meant to be togetherQuick, look around you! You're surrounded ... by hopeless romantics.

Despite all the advice to just suck it up and marry somebody we can kinda tolerate, it turns out that the majority of us believe we have a soul mate -- somebody we're destined to spend our lives with -- and somehow we will find that one person among the billions of humans walking the earth.


According to a poll of 1,004 Americans, two-thirds believe in soul mates. The study reported other statistics about love and marriage in America, such as the fact that people who believe in soul mates and apply that notion to their marriages are 150 percent more likely to get divorced. BUUURN! People with more traditional views, who see marriage as a lifelong commitment involving fidelity and being part of a community, seemed to have the highest rate of satisfaction.

People age 18–29 had the highest occurrence of "soul mate" ideology; 73 percent of 'em believe he (or she) is out there. Only 62 percent of those over the age of 60 buy the concept, even though 96 percent of them said they felt they'd married the "right" person. So, maybe soul mates aren't so important after all.