This summer SUCKED. For realz.With natural disasters like the floods in Pakistan, fire tornadoes in Brazil, impending hurricanes off the Carolinas, and LeBron James ... was this the worst summer ever?

One writer over at Salon thinks it's certainly up there with the worst summers on record, dubbing 2010 "The Summer of Suck."

It was hot and everybody was so broke that somehow those vacation plans never came to fruition. (Not even the picnic!) Our favorite bands came out with lackluster albums and the normally reliable pop machine failed to produce a hit, so much so that a placeholder video for a patently bitter Cee Lo song became the last-ditch song of the summer (while, coincidentally, the biggest news stories revolved around dramatic, angry exits from crappy jobs).

Politically? Everything was such a gigantic mess that we don't even want to get into it, so instead we'll just say did you hear that Bristol Palin is going to be on "Dancing With the Stars"? Did you accidentally catch a glimpse of Miley Cyrus's crotch? Hey, remember that oil spill thing that happened? And the Glenn Beck rally and vuvuzelas and ohmygod what is wrong with everything?

How much did your summer suck? Share your back-sweaty nightmare stories -- or refute us with your precious moments -- in the comments.