The Chilean miners trapped underground have just had their requests for alcohol and cigarettes denied by NASA. Just like in college! (Telegraph)

This Is Your Brain on Estrogen
Women's brains may be differently wired than those of their male counterparts, but the desire to see "Eat, Pray, Love" is still just a personal choice. (Jezebel)

Everybody Must Get Stoned
Smoking pot, in combination with medication, may help reduce chronic pain, as well as aversions to brownies. (Health)

Study: iPhones Are for Sissies
According to research performed by Coupons.com, iPhone users are "feminine-smelling, chicken-eating, entertainment-reading fish owners."

(Photos: AP)

Now Let's All Forgive Him for Making Megan Fox a Star
In an unprecedented act of badassery, Michael Bay has offered up a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the infamous YouTube puppy thrower. (Gawker)

Let's Get Physical
Nearly 30 years after the release of her original workout video, Jane Fonda is back with two new fitness DVDs (and yes, she's still rocking the leotard). (People)

Money Makers
Bums, boobs and The Boss's voice: just a few of the top 10 most bizarrely insured celebrity parts. (Time)

Crack Is Wack -- Just Ask Robocop
These anti-drug PSAs make us so uncomfortable, we'd like to tell a trusted adult. (BuzzFeed)

You Can Still Call Him "D-Bag"
A Philadelphia poet, having overstayed his welcome in his given name, is legally changing his name to "American Poetry." (The Awl)