Even in London -- the city that birthed waif-y Kate -- curves are suddenly in.

It seems Christina Hendricks -- and her "Mad Men" character, Joan -- has become the new body ideal. According to the London Telegraph, Louise Court, editor of [British] Cosmo, said, "This year loads of girls want to look like Christina Hendricks, not Kate Moss."

Personally, we don't find this to be news. We'd rather fill out a skirt and eat a healthy lunch any day than say something as absurd as "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," like Ms. I-Invented-Heroin-Chic herself.

It's also a little odd that body types, as well as hemlines, are expected to change with the wind. Last we looked, you were born more or less the shape you were born, no? Unless Cosmo has a wild new sex tip that can make an apple morph into a pear.

But tell us, who's your body role model today?