We sure hope the LiveLeaks video that surfaced of a girl throwing puppies into a river, hand over fist as they cry, is a hoax.

Because much like misbehavior seems to be the latest way to land the cover of US Weekly, the new Internet approach to fame is staging an elaborate and fake scenario that gets tongues wagging across the Web.

Last week it was Jenny DryErase, the girl who allegedly told her skeezy boss to shove it in a series of dry-erase-board messages that circled the Interwebs at the speed of light. Now we have a "girl, approximately 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8-inches tall, with long blond hair" hurling puppies into a river like she was a pre-indictment Roger Clemens, as someone videotapes the event.

If this really is animal cruelty of the utmost degree, we don't mean to make fun. It's just that we're secretly hoping there's a third party scooping the puppies up and feeding them treats downstream -- and this is just someone's sick way of launching onto the cultural radar.

But just in case, the video is after the jump, and LiveLeak is encouraging any readers with clues about who Little Red Riding Hoodlum really is to leave them in the comments.