Priiiiivate DANCER! Dancer for MOOONEY!No wonder Wyclef fell in love with a stripper -- not only can she put her legs behind her head, she also has a bachelor's degree in ceramics from Alfred University.

According to a year-long study of British "lap dancers," 25 percent of them have college degrees, all have finished school, and almost 90 percent of them had taken a continuing education course. So, what draws these well-educated ladies to the entertainment sector?

EYYYYYYYYY, must be the money, Nelly: Most dancers made between $37,000 and $74,000 annually -- and women with arts degrees who suddenly realize that ceramics degree isn't good for much also reported turning to private dancing for money.

The women surveyed also cited flexibility as another thing that attracts them to dancing, proving that not only are they smart, but they also enjoy a play on words just as much as the next guy.