Laura Dekker looking mighty confidentAbby Sunderland didn't make it, but apparently nobody's going to be happy until a teenage girl circumnavigates the globe on a sailboat.

Did we say happy? We meant everyone is very angry all over again.

Laura Dekker, a 14-year-old from the Netherlands, has set sail from the Southwestern coast of Spain to make her way around the world. She's two years younger than Abby Sunderland, which would make her the youngest person ever to circle the world via boat, where she's felt at home since literally the moment she was born.

She sailed from the Netherlands to England for her 13th birthday, and is now apparently ready to make that journey one hundred times over, even though Dutch child-protection watchdogs have apparently expressed concern.

To prepare for her trip, which is expected to take about a year, Laura has purchased a larger, sturdier boat, taken first aid classes, and learned how to deal with sleep deprivation. She will continue to do her homework and will receive visits from her family on the voyage, when she'll hopefully be able to quell her teenage hormones long enough to be hugged by her parents.