According to new wiener stats, more and more American parents are choosing not to circumcise their sons.

While the Center for Disease Control says the numbers aren't definitive, The New York Times calls it a "steep decline," one that's possibly due to anti-circumcision Internet activism and increased public outcry against female circumcision. And here we thought it was just hippie moms and all the dudes we've dated who are like, "Well, I'm Jewish, but I'm not JEWISH-Jewish."

But lets get down to brass tacks! Brass penis tacks that is! What does this mean for us, the American lady?

Based on the following conversation, we realized some of you may not really have much experience with uncut men. The anonymized exchange below is anecdotal evidence that women in the United States have become pretty accustomed to the bespoke penis. (Although, really, only one of us should have to be anonymous, because only one of us should have to be ashamed about her primeval lack of knowledge of the the human foreskin.)

Anonymous Editor 1: I wish we could we get somebody to write a first-person essay about the difference between being with an uncircumcised guy and one who is.
Anonymous Editor 2: Wait, what difference?
Anonymous Editor 1: Um ... don't know?
Anonymous Editor 2: You've NEVER been with an uncircumcised guy?
Anonymous Editor 1: No. I have a thing for Jewish guys. Have you?
Anonymous Editor 2: Dude, I went to school in Vermont. There's no "difference"!
Anonymous Editor 1: You don't have to ... "unroll" anything to it?
Anonymous Editor 2: No! Jesus, it's a penis, not a manual transmission!

So tell us, intrepid readers! Do you have a preference? Do you think Anonymous Editor 2 is wrong and that there's actually a "difference"? Let us know, because when it comes to wang, we are ALL anthropologists.

Don't worry -- we'll keep you anonymous.