That's about right: It would take the Sexiest Woman Alive to make felt hot.

But this is perhaps also the sweetest celebrity endorsement we've ever seen. Christina Hendricks, curve bomb, "Mad Men" star, and officially nominated Sexiest Woman Living and Breathing, has lent her mug to her friend and fellow actress, Tamara Mello, who has an Etsy shop called Blackbird Designs.

There among the hand-felted cozies and felted bowls and mini felted bowls and felted nesting bowls (question: what does one do with a felted bowl?) is Christina Hendricks looking fetching in a felted scarf. No, really. She models several felted scarves. It looks all homespun and cozy and perfect for fall and, well, who hasn't attended a Tupperware party for some misguided friend who decided to dabble in direct sales?

Christina Hendricks, we hereby nominate you Best Girlfriend Alive.