When it comes to chiseling those lower gams, you can either spend hours toiling away Sisyphus-style on the stair climber while wearing FitFlops, or you can opt for the latest eyebrow-raising plastic surgery procedure: ankle liposuction.

Cankles. Even the word sounds unflattering. For those of you blessed with svelte legs who have no clue what we're talking about, the term refers to an unfortunate situation in which excess tissue surrounds the ankle area, basically giving the cankler an ankle-less look.

In many cases, it's a side effect of excess weight gain, but in others, it's just plain funky genetics -- your body is programmed to store fat in the exact place where you least want it. (Newsflash: Miley Cyrus has lamented hers.) And like many other genetic predispositions (say, less-than-curvaceous cleavage), plastic surgeons can now fix those ample ankles for an equally ample $5,000, on average.

Which leaves us to wonder: What will they suction next?