Earlier we showed you the "Republican vs. Democratic Women" video, in which Republican women are shown to be total hotties and Democratic women are portrayed as "dogs."

Making matters worse, the GOP ladies are all portrayed in glamour shots, while the Dems have spent considerable time being doctored in the Photoshop of Horrors.

We asked real women of both political parties what they thought of the video, and their responses ran the gamut -- but most agree this stunt needs a serious filibuster of protest.

New Yorker Kim, 35, took the video makers to task, describing the clip as "clearly made by someone in desperate need of a nudge from evolution." She adds, "But by saying the word 'evolution,' I suppose I fit into this latter group of women [the Democrats]. Damn! I'm too hot of a piece of ass to fit in that group. But I guess that's where I have to go!"

April, 35, from Nashua, N.H., wants the tables turned. "How about making a video of Republican MEN as food for thought? I think the end result would be surprisingly different from the ladies' video. Hmm, who here is interested in seeing George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney and/or Rudy Giuliani in a Speedo? Egads!"

"I can't believe that a state responsible for producing the likes of Prince could also churn out crap like this and Jesse Ventura," says Philadelphian Liz, 32. [Ed. note: The state of Minnesota is currently being blamed for producing the video.] "Everyone should be offended by this, Republicans and Democrats alike. Not only for the revival of that Baja Men song, but for the gross objectification of women. Someone needs to tell Minnesota this isn't 1964."

Even Republicans find this video in questionable taste. "This video will draw attention for all the wrong reasons and is counterproductive to the Republican image and message," says Wendy, 35, a card-carrying supporter of the GOP from Philadelphia. "It's sad and shameful that time and money were spent on a wasted opportunity and that folks who foster this kind of action represent the Republican Party."

Lemondrop commenter Alicia agrees, somewhat: "Nothing like state-sponsored objectification of women. Honestly, I don't care what women on either side of the aisle look like, so long as they're capable of making an educated decision one way or another. I don't even have to like it."

I think we can all agree that deciding one's political leanings on whether a party's ladies are hot or not is an unwise strategy. What we still want to know, however, is if this is actually "funny."

Watch the whole video here.