College students have known to sit in, picket or protest when they don't like the government's policies, but Ahlam Mohsem, 23, tried to get her just desserts by smashing Michigan Sen. Carl Levin with one.

The Michigan State University student made quite an impact during a town hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Monday when she slammed a Dutch apple pie into Senator Carl Levin's face. Mohsem told officers that she was "bringing to light Sen. Levin's war crimes."

Everyone at the venue was stunned by the incident, including the senator himself. "Actually I was a little shaken up," Levin told "It could have been a knife. It could have been a gun."

But, he tried to quip, he really preferred blueberry.

While the act was definitely a sight to see, Mohsem, who was arrested during an anti-war sit-in at the senator's office just last year, has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct. The student, who is of Arab descent, has targeted Levin as a "Zionist" senator.

And then there are her accomplices. The police may also be charging a man who allegedly distracted the senator before the pie was thrown, and a woman who filmed the event. Coming soon to a YouTube near you?