Don't look now, but Mel Gibson is making waves again -- for his mandals.

Isn't that just fitting? it's not enough that the man is a wife-abusing Jesus freak. Now he's gone and worn gladiators out of the house.

Generally, we're not big fans of celebs who need stylists just to get dressed, but maybe Rachel Zoe could take him on as a pro bono case? Because Mel's toe cleav is launching an online holy war.

Over at The Daily Beast, they've surveyed a lot of experts. The consensus seems to be that men shouldn't let their toes show unless there's sand between them at that very moment -- or they're Matthew McConnaughey / the leader of the free world.

Though the jury's even hung on Barack Obama's flip-flops. Apparently he was spotted wearing a leather variety, while -- gasp -- not in Hawaii. But I take issue with this ...

See, recently I bought a pair of leather flip-flops for my husband -- initially because we were attending an Indian wedding -- and now he's kind of taken a liking to what he mockingly calls his "gay European sandals."

Personally, since they're flip-flops, and not, say, Birkenstocks, I don't feel he's wronging the women of American by wearing them. But am I unwittingly reserving him a place in hell next to Mel? If so, please set me straight.