Is fly art "high art"? Either way, this trend has legs! AHAHAHA. Sorry.

OK, anyway, so British sculptor Jessica Harrison just made herself false eyelashes out of flies' legs. You can watch the video: She just blinks a lot. That's really it.

We wish she'd shared her brand of lash glue. (We're partial to the Shu Uemura.) This is about as appealing as those probably-sold-for-$3-million Damien Hirst glass boxes filled with cows' heads, flies and maggots. Then again, we sort of sensed that "insect beauty" was on the rise ever since we read about Demi Moore and her weird, bloodsucking-leech beauty treatments a few years ago. (Stories like that one, P.S., are why we read the U.K. tabloids in lieu of The New York Times.)

Anyway, flylashes. So, of course, PETA has condemned Jessica. And you just know that Lady Gaga is sooo jealous she didn't think of this first. She's somewhere right now wearing a weird vintage Alexander McQueen surgical mask or something, screaming at her creative team to step their bizarro-animal-parts-accessories game up. Remember how much media attention that dead-mouse-brooch ridiculousness garnered Marc Jacobs' ex-boyfriend and Courtney Love?

Were we a member of Team Gaga, we think we'd advise her to wear leeches on her nipples to the VMAs. But that's just us.

You can see the whole video -- and decide for yourself -- after the jump.

Flylashes from Jessica Harrison on Vimeo.