Flickr, ladygragonflyherworldWe asked you: What's the worst way to be proposed to? Here's what Lemondrop readers had to say.

"Well, I was once proposed to in a hotel bar so ... yeah. That engagement didn't last." -- Meghan S.

"Mumbled during the closing credits of 'The Lion King' movie. Clearly, I didn't accept." -- Nikki M.

"When I was handed my engagement ring in the box, and my fiancé said 'here you go!'" -- Christina A.

"In a Walmart, in the mayo aisle, as he turns around with a jar of Miracle Whip in hand he says "Wanna get hitched?" LMAO ... yup I did." -- Wanda L.

"Ballgame." -- Denise H.

"I despise proposals on big screens at sporting events. I would walk away. Really I would!" -- Linda F.

"At someone else's wedding. Or someone else's ANY event for that matter. Way to steal the spotlight!" -- Morgan

"At a resturaunt. It's so overdone...and Something original, please!" -- Katie

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