Here at Lemondrop, we know love is complicated.

But you better sit down before you read the story of Lynn France, her husband's betrayal and his surprise second wedding to another woman, which she found on Facebook -- all of which she took public on the "Today" show this morning.

First, let's review: Last week, the mother of three from Cleveland was going only by "Megan" in a local TV report, and we can understand why. While it might sting to find out that an ex is now officially hitched via Facebook, it's another thing altogether to discover your current husband is not only having an affair, but that he married the Other Woman in a very public wedding at Disney World.

What's perhaps even more shocking is the fact that, after she discovered the wedding online, Lynn TOOK HIM BACK.

But let's back up. To 2005, to be precise.

That's the year Lynn and her husband, John, tied the knot. They wed in Italy, in an elaborate destination wedding on the Amalfi coast. John became a stepfather to Lynn's son from a previous marriage, then the couple had two more boys together.

As early as 2008, John began taking more frequent business trips, and Lynn suspected -- upon finding his passport at home while he was supposed to be in China -- that he was cheating. Smart girl.

Then, in October of that year, she discovered him in a hotel with another woman, who, when Lynn confronted them, told Lynn she planned to marry her husband. John moved out.

Awful so far, but understandable. We really feel for Lynn.

Then one day, Lynn logged on to Facebook, and up popped over 200 photos of her husband walking down the aisle at Disney World with his Other Woman. Felled by privacy settings! Turns out the woman's friend had posted the photos, and She Who Shall Not Be Named had recently changed her settings to Public.



To make matters more surreal, at the wedding Lynn's husband was dressed as Prince Charming, the Other Woman as Sleeping Beauty.

And now comes the weird, we're-really-not-sure-what-to-make-of-this plot twist: Three months later, Prince Charming came crawling back, promising to annul his marriage to Creeping Beauty and make good with Lynn.

Against her better judgment, and her lawyer's advice, she took him back.

On May 21, John returned, took the couple's two sons with him, and headed back to Florida with his other wife.

Now, says Lynn, she hasn't seen her kids since, and she's watching "someone else live her life online."

Though still being wed to Lynn would officially make John a bigamist, his lawyer says that the two were never legally married, citing legal loopholes about "crossing their T's" on the marriage certificate in Italy.

What We Make of All This

-- Sadly, as we've reported before, stories of guys living double lives are more common than you might think.

-- Even the fact that Lynn found the second wedding on Facebook is becoming hair-raisingly routine. "This is very common," one lawyer told WKYC. "People do and broadcast stupid things on Facebook ... because they're stupid, or because they want to be caught."

-- What apparently isn't common knowledge yet: If you catch your husband cheating and then marrying the Other Woman, it's not a problem with privacy settings. We suggest you quit clicking photos and look into divorce.

See the whole heart-wrenching clip below: