Sure, it's devastating when Facebook research reveals that your ex-boyfriend is married to a Rockette, but what if you found out that your husband was married to another woman?

A Cleveland woman named "Megan" (who didn't want to give her real name) had never suspected her husband of cheating until her family started telling her about photos of him with another woman on Facebook. While that's already a tough blow to take, things only got worse when Megan logged on and discovered photos of her husband and the other woman celebrating their wedding.

"It's rubbing that salt into the wound of already finding out that my husband's having an affair," Megan told "The pictures are out there for the world to see. It's not just that I have the knowledge, but I see the proof and everyone I know sees the proof and people I don't know see the proof."

Megan's husband is a businessman who conveniently has access to his own plane (!!!!) and travels often for work, so she didn't think anything was up until he told her he was going on a business trip to China ... but left without his passport.


She's initiated divorce proceedings, but her husband's lawyer claims that they're not actually married because the paperwork on their 2005 wedding was incorrectly filed. Megan is adamant that the marriage was legal, and even included a pre-nup. Megan has every intention to fight back and take him to court. Get that plane, Megan!