Were you a LEGO girl? Or particularly handy with an IKEA wrench? Well why not apply those skills to building your own home for less than 20 grand?

As long as you don't mind living in an iiiiiiiitty-bitty living space, Jay Shafer's 64-to-840-square-foot homes -- known as tiny homes or Tumbleweed Houses -- offer an unorthodox solution to the financial barriers of homeownership.

Shafer, who has personally lived in three tiny homes (no, not conjoined ones), said he began making them "because I don't like vacuuming." Complete with comforts like a tiny fireplace and a dining table for four, the homes require only 14 tools to assemble. Or, if you're just not handy, they also come pre-fab, for about double the asking price.

Check out a (baby) grand tour here. Or peek at more teeny houses after the jump.

The extra-small house is the size 0 of homes. At 65 square feet, it's $16,000 if you build it yourself, so you won't have to put your budget on a diet.

The Popomo is a wee modernist's dream -- and touted as the easiest of all the houses to build. It's 172 square feet of cuteness, complete with a built-in closet and fireplace.

The Whidbee, by comparison, is big; it comes with one or two bedrooms. With its pitched roof and colorful trim, it's reminiscent of a pint-size Victorian and can be yours for $35,000 if you choose to DIY.