When many of us want to shed the pounds, Donna Simpson wants to pack them on. Oh, and did we forget to mention that she already tips the scale at 600 pounds?

This 42-year-old Akron, Ohio–raised (and now) Jersey girl has recently been named the "Fattest Woman to Have Given Birth" after having her daughter three years ago when she weighed in at a mere 532 pounds. Although she's elected not to lose any of the baby weight, Simpson has made it her business to "bulk up."

No, we're not pulling your leg. Somewhat like women who model lingerie for a living, people pay $15 a month to stare at photos and videos of Simpson on her own site where she sexily poses in lacey unmentionables, noshing on junk food and cleaning her home. There are photos of her hardly wearing anything, but she tells the Akron Beacon Journal that "I'm never nude."

While gaining weight is what many people are trying to get away from, Simpson said that she isn't the only one who loves the extra curves.

"There's a whole underground world of people who want to gain weight," she said. "People don't know about it too much. But there's, like, a lot of women who are, like, 135 pounds and secretly want to be 400 pounds." And here we are, busting our butts to fit in our skinny jeans.