We didn't need a study to tell us that women also inflate their "number" to seem cool (we remember college -- if just barely). However, it's depressing that the research reiterating as much also reinforces ye olde indefatigable virgin/whore complex.

A recent poll of individuals found that one-third of women lie about how many sexual partners they've had, according to the Daily Mail. While some of them admitted to telling "big fish" stories about their conquests, the majority -- 64 percent -- say they usually shave a few notches off the bedpost.

Half the women surveyed lied because they felt privately "ashamed" of their magic number, while 19 percent didn't tell the truth because they didn't want to seem like the town ho to others. A fifth of women admitted that they're dishonest about how many sexual partners they've had when a new partner has slept with fewer people.

The survey found that the average number of sexual partners was seven for women and 13 for men. Unless, of course, somebody is lying.