We hate to actively encourage anybody to bite our style ... BUT! Sometimes it's just not fair to keep all the flair to ourselves. Sometimes we have to spread the pizzazz.

For instance, take this, the Trenta sports bra (at left), which retails for (swallow your Capri Sun before you finish this sentence) $1,850.

As our beloved Michael K might ask, "What the hell kind of G.D. bra is this?"

Glad you asked! According to the press release, it's "the world's most expensive sports bra. With its V-shaped and Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal neckline, the Trenta bra is part of the 'Show 'Em Off' collection, which features a slim pocket in the back and pewter-distressed fabric used on the sides of the bra that adds ventilation and unique flair."

This looks like the album art for "Like a Prayer" aggressively humped your gym clothes. And nothing says "workout" to us like getting macked in the face by a crucifix as it richocets off your cleavage. Viva la Trenta!

The whole collection is available at BodyRockSport. Buy two, for when you get one dirty while dancing to C+C Music Factory, live at the Akron Rib Cook-Off.