Taco bell wedding!There's a new trend rising in the world of wedlock: retail weddings, and it's about as classy as it sounds. In an effort to save money / be kind of ironic? / be totally unironic about commemorating that time you spilled nacho cheese on your loved one, more couples are having weddings in places like Taco Bell, White Castle and Cold Stone Creamery.

Of course, it isn't always about food (although it's easy to fall in love over a sack of Sliders). Lisa Satayut and her fiance Drew Ellis will be the first couple ever to be married in a TJ Maxx.

Satayut told USA Today
, "The one constant in my life, no matter what, has always been T.J. Maxx." Because sometimes, we guess, the only things that can comfort you are discounted bars of soap and chipped tableware. Later this month she'll walk down the size-8 aisle of the shoe section in front of friends and family. The couple plans to save about $150 by having their wedding at TJ Maxx. (We know, personally, we've always wanted to stand up with a guy in front of our friends, family and a rack of mustard-colored discounted Liz Claiborne blazers.)

Would you have a retail wedding? Just think of the irregular bedding and decorative soaps you could buy with the money you save!!!!