dream clubs, where members interpret dreams, are becoming popular.Forget golfing, sailing or Match.com. According to The New York Times, 32-year-old Lily Michaud, of Portland, Oreg., met her husband in a "dream club."

Yes, as in a gathering at which people meet to dissect their dreams.

"I learned about my friends' lives at a depth you don't often get in casual conversation," Michaud, a registered nurse and photographer, told the paper. "It wasn't as though I was getting more personal details, so much as understanding the complexity of their emotional reactions to life events."

It only got awkward, she said, "when someone dreamed about someone else in the club." We bet.

It seems dream clubs are popping up all over Craigslist and Meetup, from Iowa to L.A. Most are co-ed, and they're often led by a therapist, shaman or dream coach. Some participants say diving deep into their dreams with a room full of near strangers is the perfect antidote to friendship in the age of the status update. And some groups actually engage in dreamwork, which looks a lot like building dioramas of your nocturnal dramas.

In the interim, food is served. Which is the only reason we can dream up for straight guys being there to begin with.

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