Eagle = awesome ringbearerIt might be time to reactivate our Match.com account, because we need to get married fast. What could possibly inspire us to suddenly crave holy wedded matrimony, you ask? Oh, only AN EAGLE TRAINED TO ACT AS A RINGBEARER!!!!!

The eagle has been trained to swoop down out of the sky (YESSSS!!!!), soar down the aisle over the guests' heads and deliver the ring to the groom or best man. The eagle service is provided by Broadwing Events, located in Australia's Gold Coast, and works by having the rings tied to the eagle's feet with leather straps. The eagle is released when the groom or best man holds up a gloved hand holding a piece of meat, which that eagle wants to eat so fricking bad.

If that doesn't want to make you rip off your t-shirt, crank up the Iron Maiden, drink a twelve pack, and get married, frankly, you might have to settle for dying alone.