Well, this is great. Just grrrrrrrreat. Now our we can be spared the embarrassment of having our moms ask if we've signed up for OkCupid ... only to experience the mortification of finding out they've put us up on a matchmaker site for old ladies.

Geri Brin, 63, an Internet entrepreneur who works with her 31-year-old son Colby (who is actually pretty cute) on New York's Upper East Side, has created a website specifically for the purpose of finding her son a mate, and now she's invited other moms over 50 to sign themselves and their perpetually single kids up as well.

Currently the dating service can be found on the Fab Over Fifty website, and says in gigantic letters "FOF WOMEN Love to play Cupid!" Strangely missing from the website is an equally enthusiastic statement that says "Full-Grown Adults Hate Coming Home to OVERBEARING MOTHERS for the Holidays!"

After the jump, you can check out Colby and his mom in a video from the "Today" show.