hip snips - your complete guide to dazzling pubic hairLike most women, I'll never forget my first bikini wax. My aesthetician had a Swedish accent, a unibrow and a less-than-gentle disposition, which did not bode well for my nether regions.

But after the ripping, stripping and tears (yes, I admit it), I had a beautiful landing strip and could proudly wear a bikini without unsightly razor burn. That was seven years ago, and apparently pubic hair cuts have come a long way in a short time. If you thought you only had a few options when it came to 'dos for down there -- au naturel, full Brazilian, or somewhere in between -- think again. The new book "Hip Snips: Your Complete Guide to Dazzling Pubic Hair," by Pablo Mitchell, offers an array of styles for both men and women looking to spice things up below the belt.

A few of our favorites:

The Rat Tail
"It's the closest your area will get to the 'business in front, party in the back' vibe of the mullet."

How to achieve: Shave almost all your pubic hair, leaving a small patch toward the top center. Use styling gel to straighten and lengthen your "tail." Feel free to braid or dye.

The Louis Vuitton
"Put the bravado of Kanye between your legs with your own LV logo."

How to achieve: Use a stencil, or, if you're feeling talented, freehand it. But remember: Authenticity is key.

The Bill Clinton
Simply put, "It's a patch of pubes shaved in the shape of a cigar."

How to achieve: Give yourself a short trim all over. Then cut an appropriately sized cigar shape from a piece of heavy paper or poster board. Then place the cutout on your crotch and shave all around it. Then ask your lover to impeach you.

So, uh, would you ever try one of these outside-the-box (heh) styles? What's your go-to look? Is waxing a must, or is au naturel making a comeback?