mandalsThe "Zipper dress" and terrycloth might top the list of things guys can't stand on us this season, but we've got a whole list of looks we wish they wouldn't pull out when summer rolls around. Below, the seven male fashion statements Lemondrop readers hereby ban.

1. "Work boots with shorts. Work boots are meant to be worn for protection ... protection you obviously don't need if you're wearing shorts." -- Katie

2. "Jhorts!" -- Kelsea

3. "My least favorite has to be t-shirts with the arms ripped/cut off." -- Belise

4. "I detest when mean not only cut the sleeves off their shirts, but rip the arm hole all the way down their so there's only like an inch of fabric keeping it together.This just makes you look like a tool." -- Rara

5. "Flip-flops! It just doesn't look right when a man is wearing thonged flip-flops. Gross." -- Nyzshelli

6. "Long messy hair isn't attractive. Almost all guys (as much as they try to say otherwise) will look really good with buzzed hair. The ones who haven't had haircuts in forever are just trying to hide behind it." -- Katies104

7. "I can't stand it when I see guys wear "shorts" down to their ankles. But that's just the idiots who are still wearing baggy clothes." -- Eliana