The "Twilight" series may have been written for teen and tween girls, but it's no secret that grown women have been sucked into the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob.

While we all love a great literary romance, a recent article reported that the "Twilight" obsession has gone so far it might just be breaking up marriages.

At last night's midnight premiere of the series' latest release, "Eclipse," Lemondrop ventured into the Garden State to ask devoted Twi-hards just how these books have affected their relationships in real life: Are they really holding out for their own Edward? How has the series changed their dating lives? And if they've already got a man, is he jealous of Jacob's washboard abs?

Sharon, 38, is happily married, but confesses to having a mean crush on Edward. Luckily, she says, that's only helping her love life: "My husband gets to have sex quite a bit when I get to watch my Edward on television," she confesses. "Anytime I'm in a vampire mode, he will get lucky."

Meanwhile, Jeanette, 27 -- who celebrated the premiere with an "Eclipse" pre-party along with fellow Twi-moms -- said Jacob has pushed her husband to start hitting the gym.

"My husband started working out because he wants to look like Jacob," the Cliffside Park, N.J., resident said as she proudly showed off her "Twilight" tee. "He's been in the gym and getting those abs. And go for it, buddy, because as soon as I could lick them, we're all good."

But not all husbands are down with their wives' yen for younger vampires.

Take, for example, 29-year-old Barbara who said her husband is none too pleased with her current obsession.

"He doesn't like the fact that I'm laying in bed and reading the book instead of doing other things with him," she said. "I think it does affect your love life. You're like, 'Wait, wait, just one more chapter.' Then you look over, and you're husband's snoring."

Though, Theresa, a 20-year-old student at the College of New Jersey, believes the books provide valuable insight into how men should treat women.

"At first Edward was going back and forth about loving [Bella], but after a while he was like, 'You're beautiful, and you're this and you're that,'" she said. "And how many guys say that? It's a nice model for how guys should treat girls, and I don't think guys are gentlemanly anymore."

And, although Jeanette is glad her husband is taking Jacob's lead with his health regimen, she still wishes her husband would be as affectionate as Edward is with Bella.

"I like how, in the book, they always describe Edward as grabbing Bella around her waist," she said. "So I'm always saying, 'Babe, how come you don't put your arm around me like that?' So now he tries to do it every once in a while, but I think the romance and the love Edward feels for Bella is just ... gasp."

Before you start thinking that all "Twilight" fanatics want to model their love lives after the story's main characters, 20-year-old Gina begs to differ: "I think it's weird. I can see why, because it's a big love story," she reasons.

"Sure, [Edward and Jacob] are hot, but I don't take it that seriously."

So now it's your turn: Have you been holding out for your Edward or Jacob? And have your Twi-hard ways gotten in the way of your relationship? If so, we want to know.