You know that we're more than a little fascinated by fad diets at Lemondrop. We just launched 9 to Fine, which is a healthy (hopefully) way to weight loss, but we're still intrigued by the train wreck that is fad dieting. Proof:

+ The 15 Grossest Fad Diets: While a "Cookie Diet" sounds awesome on paper, it's not what you're thinking.
+ Not one, but two We Try It: The Master Cleanse experiments (here's the second). Our writers are masochistic, we guess.
+ There's also the Craigslist perv who will help you lose weight.
+ What about drunkorexia? Or just getting super-sad because all your friends are getting married and you don't have a +1. Depression is a great appetite suppressant.

To continue that tradition, we're excited to share with you this chart that breaks down all sorts of crazy fad diet information. Check it out:

truth about fad diets

[Source: Weight Loss]

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