More women are remaining childless on purposeMaybe the prospect of a tiny thing with hair and fingernails growing inside of you (GAHHHH!) gives you a serious case of the heebie jeebies. Maybe you're just too busy pursuing your second doctorate. Whatever reason you have for not having a kid right now, you're not alone -- the number of women who are choosing not to have children is on the rise.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the number of women ending their "childbearing years" without any children has spiked, with almost a fifth of American women going baby-free.

That's 18 percent of the population; in 1976, only 10 percent of women were doing so.

The survey asked respondents to list their own views on childbearing, as well as those of others. (You know all those people with babies who pity us because we don't know what real love is? Well, 59 percent of them no longer think we "lead empty lives," so that's nice!)

Surprisingly, 38 percent of people actually responded that they believe childlessness is "bad for society." (You know what we think is bad for society? Babies. Crying. In bars.) But the overall sentiment? It's OK for women not to have kids if they don't want to. Hopefully this means that we can go to our cousin's wedding without anybody reminding us that our fertile years are tapering off like a pair of mom jeans.