Let's be honest: After diamonds, flowers are what every woman wants. They smell good, look good and are an instant pick-me-up. And during fashion week, they were on runways everywhere. So, this season don't wait around to receive them -- wear them. It's all about flowers, and the tinier the print, the better it looks on you. Instant romance? Um, yes please!

Levi's Floral Legging, $19.99
There are a lot of you out there thinking these pants are absolutely insane. But honestly, paired with a denim shirt or a plain tank, they would be fabulous. Do not overdo them with another floral print, please. Instead keep the rest of your look super simple and subdued with neutrals and washed down colors.

Topshop Bluebell Frill Bra, $32
Don't you feel overtly sweet and sexy just looking at this bra? Like you could seduce a man just by blinking, knowing you have this on under your clothes? There's some serious flirtation happening in the construction of this thing. Buy it. Your summer just got steamier.

Grace Hats Floral-Band Fedora, $54
For those not fully convinced a whole garden of flowers is the greatest style for you, select a straw hat for a beachy feel and just a touch of sweetness.

Fresh Gardenia Magnolia Petit Soap, $12
The great thing about this soap is the fact that it's made with shea butter and infused with light touches of gardenia and magnolia, so the smell isn't too powerful, yet it lingers well after you wash. If you are a gardenia fan, like me, it's an absolute must-have for summer months.

Tucker Floral-Print Silk Romper, $276
Sometimes objects of my affection never make it into my closet. Honestly, I usually get over it quite quickly. But in the case of this little piece of silky heaven by Tucker, if I don't get to wear it nonstop through Labor Day, I might not ever recover.

Ralph Lauren "Clubhouse" Floral Sundress, $38.50
If you are in need of a baby present, or are lucky enough to have a little angel baby of your own, this ridiculously cute sundress should be your very next purchase. The classically sweet print and silhouette, with matching panty, is driving me insane! I'd like to make a suggestion to the Ralph Lauren design team, please make one in my size!

Tammy Garden Sunglasses, $11
I saw a whole crew of girls wearing these at the beach last weekend and begged them to trade for my plain, boring sunnies. Instead they directed me to the selection of printed bouquet frames at Fred Flare's hilariously entertaining website. Oh and don't fret, these glasses have plenty of UV protection.

ASOS Floral Skinny Belt, $10.15
If you'd rather not overwhelm yourself with flowers, take it the other direction which is about strong feminine finishes. This belt is great worn with denim or with a dress cinched at the waist. Super-delicate and sweet.

There's nothing wrong with spoiling yourself. So go ahead, have flowers delivered to your office or home. Write a love note to yourself. You deserve it.

Liberty of London Ladies Garla Second Edition Bike, $199.99
When Liberty of London first hit Target stores with their capsule collection, I fought my way into the store in search of this two-wheeled beauty. Sadly I felt like a giant cupcake seated on a patch of someone's garden and therefore didn't bring it home with me. But I have been lusting for it ever since. If looking at it makes you smile, just Imagine how happy you'd be cruising around on it!

Tsumori Chisato Silk Habutae Draped Dress, $458.50
You deserve to treat yourself to this. Truly. I mean it's a gorgeous reinterpretation of the ditsy floral trend with so many incredible details you'll be obsessed even if you wear it every day for a month. The whole back bodice is in floral print and the voluminous pockets expose the underlay print. Ahh, the details! So pretty.

Liberty Rocks Dog Collar, $34
It's really quite simple: Your sweet, furry, four-legged friend deserves to be fashionable too.

Deena & Ozzy Ludlow Oxford, $48
I cannot remember the last time modernizing a classic ever looked so good. These oxfords are super versatile and can go any way you want: a more buttoned up look paired with tailored pieces or throw on with cut-off shorts and a tiny tank for running around.

Rebecca Taylor Easy Tee Dress, $295
This silky little thing is ladylike chic at its finest. And I'd actually find it terribly hard to believe if you felt anything but uber-sexy and beautiful wearing it. One of those items that you can just toss on no matter where you need to go, no matter how insanely hot the weather gets.

Sisley Paris Floral Toning Lotion, $98
Smell like a rose and have better skin? Um, yes please! I use toning lotions nonstop during hot summer days to keep New York City grim from penetrating my skin. For dry skin, an alcohol free kind, like this one, keeps you moisturized and looking luminous.

Forever 21 Ditsy Floral Headband, $3.80
If you can pull this look off, good for you. I tend to feel like an overgrown third grader wearing such things but I've seen some gorgeous girls look amazingly good with headbands. Not sure if you can actually sport it without feeling silly? Buy this one, it's under $4. Can't go wrong.

Franco Ferrari Floral Linen Scarf, $74.70
I am one of those people that can find over fifty ways to wear a scarf, so I happen to wear them pretty much nonstop. On my head, around my neck, as a sarong at the beach, it's endless. This one happens to be a perfect match to my newest baby blue bikini, which clearly means I need it for the beach this weekend.

Victoria's Secret Halter Maxi Dress, $55
A maxi dress can make your day. It's true. This one is especially fabulous. The moment you don't feel great, put it on, go barefoot on the grass, spin around and stare at the sky. It's immediate therapy in cotton form.

Alloy Floral Smocked Short, $9.99
In need of a flawless look for weekend? Try these high-waisted shorts paired with a white top tucked in and simple gold sandals.

Nicole Fasolino spends her days styling and doing creative direction for the online fashion brand Alloy and fashion editor at Un-Titled Project. By sunset she can be found behind the camera, snapping photos for her love-filled 365 Heartbeats Project, writing for her Where There Is Love There Is Life blog and styling photo shoots -- always with her bear-sized 7-month-old son, Luca, propped on her hip. Smile, laugh or say the word "love" around her, and she'll immediately ask you to tell her something about your heart as she takes your picture.