Underage drinking -- cool or not?We all had that friend in high school with the "cool" parent who condoned underage drinking as long as it was in their house so they knew the kids were safe (see: "Mean Girls," Amy Poehler in). How cool that is or isn't has recently come up for debate, since two parents, who are both professors at Harvard, got arrested in New Hampshire because teens were drinking at their daughter's graduation party.

Although the two said they didn't realize there was underage drinking going on at their house (they're only Harvard professors, how smart can they be?), the two were still busted under one of the country's many social host laws, which can impose fines or jail time for parents who let kids drink at their house. The whole ordeal sparked a huge debate over at The New York Times, with opinions varying from "we must always respect the law" to "BAH, just don't let 'em drive" to "parents should teach their kids how to drink responsibly."

We get that the teenage brain is still developing, but maybe it would be better if kids went to college thinking "this off-dry Riesling would be great paired with pad thai" rather than "my alcoholic cousin told me Jell-O shots are cool, yo." Did your parents let you drink in high school? How do you think your relationship with alcohol growing up has effected your drinking behavior now?