When Jennifer Wilbanks lied to cops about being abducted and sexually abused in order to avoid walking down the aisle in 2005, she took the idea of the "runaway bride" to a new level. But now it looks like she's giving love a second chance and expressed it the best way possible -- via Facebook.

Wilbanks, recently wrote that she's been dating Greg Hutson, a twice-married, twice-divorced landscaper, since early 2009 and now the two are going to get hitched. Her profile also presented the couple in matching khaki-and-blue outfits.

While it looks like Wilbanks is now happy and in love, she's not necessarily rolling in the green like she could have with the man she initially left at the altar, John Mason. According to the New York Post via MSNBC, the unemployed Wilbanks is about $30,000 in credit card debt, which she racked up Old Navy and Victoria's Secret. But money doesn't buy love, right?

Still don't remember this runaway bride? Check out her 2006 interview with the "Today" show after the jump.