Romantic music makes us more likely to dish the digitsCall it the Lionel Richie Effect.

And don't be surprised if the next time you're blasting "Say You, Say Me" on your iPod, you unexpectedly find yourself making out with a stranger: It turns out romantic music has that effect on people.

OK, maybe not that effect, but in a recent study involving 87 women, 52 percent of those who listened to "romantic" music in a waiting room gave their numbers to Antoine, an "average-looking" guy secretly planted to hit on them during a fake Q&A.

The women thought they were in a study to discuss food products, and that Antoine was just a fellow participant.

In comparison, only 28 percent of women listening to standard old elevator music in the waiting room let Antoine have their digits. (After chatting with him about snacks -- are we sure that wasn't the real turn on here?)

The results of the study show that all kinds of media exposure (not just exposure to aggressive or violent media) can have an effect on people ... and also that somewhere in France, there are a bunch of women sad to learn that Antoine is never actually going to call them.