Selfish lovers ... apparently better in bed.You know all that stuff about how it's better to give than to receive? Not, apparently, when it comes to orgasms. In addition to reporting more sexual satisfaction than selfless lovers, selfish lovers also report having more satisfied partners, according to a new study. Weird, right!

The study, conducted by Kwantlen University's psychology department, took 30 couples age 18–25 and 30 couples over the age of 30 and asked them to fill out a questionnaire. While some of the results weren't too surprising (i.e. 18–25-year-olds are having sex for reasons of "self-focus" like "I'm horny" and "sex feels good"), what was surprising was that the younger couples expressed a higher degree of sexual satisfaction in their relationships, even though the folks from the over 30 set said they spent more time during sex focusing on their partner's needs.

Perhaps it's because the younger couples are made up of two people who are just trying to get theirs, or perhaps the reason they're more satisfied is because it's nice to have sex with somebody because they actually want to, rather than have sex with somebody because "Crossing Jordan" is a rerun again, so may as well. What do you think?