Are you a girl who's been dreaming of that little blue box, regardless of whether you've even met the man who'll end up giving it to you?

Today is your lucky day. Tiffany has just introduced their own iPhone app to get you started down the path to holy matrimony in style. I had a chance to go hang out at Tiffany and fiddle around with this new app, and I have to tell you -- it's way cool.

The app boasts 44 engagement rings to scroll through, most likely while drooling heavily. From the Classic Solitaire to the blinged-out Legacy Collection, this app helps you hand-pick your ideal bling, from carat size to setting. You can even look through a mélange of matching wedding bands (for her only), if you want to kill two birds and see what the whole shebang will look like once the knot is tied.

But by far the coolest feature of this app is also the most practical: It comes with a digital ring sizer.

Just plop a real ring onto the nifty iPhone ring-sizing screen and scroll through a chart to find the perfect match. It's foolproof and super-easy.

Confession: I've been married for almost a year, but had my hubby had this handy app before he popped the big Q, it would have made his (and my) life a whole lot easier. He had to order a rinky-dink plastic ring sizer from a jeweler and tell me "not to get too excited" as he sized my digit. You know what? I got excited. This app makes the element of surprise a sure thing.

This could be good or bad. The only downfall of this app is that you can't mask what it really is. If there was a way to make the pretty Tiffany icon look like a strip of bacon or a basketball, I think guys would feel much better about downloading it. The fear of their woman seeing that "the day" is coming, or the mocking from his buddies that he has such a girlie app on his phone, would surely be staved off.

And, ladies, same goes for you. Because it's totally obvious that it's an official Tiffany app, I'd hide this app DEEP in your iPhone, next to a tampon app or something. You never know when your boyfriend might use your phone to play Bubble Wrap or check the weather while you're not looking. You don't want him finding the Tiffany app if you've only been together a short while or have never discussed the M word.

But all in all, I highly recommend. Now, if only Tiffany would just make an app for the perfect man, we'd really be onto something.