After I watched Calvin Klein's mix of nude and black come down the resort runway in 2009, I went home and dyed half my closet to match what I had seen. So beautiful, so simple.

Today the combo is everywhere from J.Crew to Rebecca Taylor. It's intensely sexy, while still being prettily demure. The only issue? Getting over your fear of looking naked wearing nude. But, I mean, isn't that what a hot, steamy summer is for? Find a few of my favorite picks after the jump.

Camilla and Marc, Hart Jacket in rose, $462
I'm dying to wear this amazing silk-blended jacket with jean shorts and sandals on weekends and then with a little black dress to work. The length is perfection for cinching with a belt, which instantly makes it even more chic.

Current/Elliot Skinny Jeans, $76.99
Forget white denim -- this nude jean is the new pant for summer. Ideal-cuffed with an oversize men's button-down and nude sandals.

Tory Burch Metallic Saffiano Wristlet, $155
If you're anything like me, the search for the perfect night-out bag is a never-ending saga. But this Tory Burch wristlet has found a little place in my heart, and hand, at least for the summer months. It's an easy, not-so-in-your-face way to wear the nude trend.

American Apparel Chiffon Waist Skirt, $42
I've never been a big short-skirt fan, but this summer I'm going the uber-girly route and showing off my finally tanned gams with this amazing chiffon flounce skirt. It's super-comfortable and quintessentially pretty.

ASOS Nude Keyhole Rounded Sunglasses, $16.91
Tired of the giant-sunglasses phenomenon that has taken over the world for the past four years? Me too. Desperate to cover my eyes the moment I head outside, I tried the rounded-frames look and found they're (shockingly) not too hipster-ish and (another shocker) look good on every face structure.

Laura Mercier Lip Gloss in blush, $22
I'm a lazy girl, which is probably the reason I live for summer. But doesn't everyone love the fact that this is the season you can go barefaced and still feel gorgeous? Regardless, I find total happiness in a great lip gloss, and this Laura Mercier blush shade is heavenly on any tone of sun-kissed skin.

Diane von Furstenberg Canaielle Dress, $595
My DVF love affairs continues. I am having daydreams of styling my friends in this dress with black nails, chunky rose gold and black bangles with the highest of heels possible. Bonus, it's a classic and it will look phenomenal in the winter with black tights and a black blazer.

A.L.C. Mesh Wrap Dress, $394
This dress is aching for a place in my closet. An incredible update to the boringly overdone little black dress that I wear every chance I get ... Oh, and I know you have the exact same LBD problem.

Anthropologie Loping Herd Bikini top and bottom, $58 each
Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my deep passion for bikinis. I have more than I could ever count and plan to add to the collection with this adorable one from Anthropologie. Wearing nude in bikini form can be a real head-turner, but the subtle giraffe print works, so you won't look totally naked.

Forever 21 Thong Sandals in gold, $7.50
First of all, these things are under $8. Yes, $8. But on top of that, I've been wearing Forever 21 shoes for years now and I can tell you they are truly some of the most comfortable things I've ever put on my feet. So, if they don't last forever (or even more than one season), just toss them. Again, they are $8.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Patent Leather Peep-Toe Heels, $485
Who doesn't want legs that are 4 inches longer? That's truly what these flesh-toned heels were made for. Instant length and instant sex appeal. Ahhh ...

Catherine Stein Pink Satin-tie Bib Necklace, $38
You know those lazy mornings where all you want to wear is what's on your floor? Well, this necklace kinda saves the day. Throw it on with a basic tank and jeans -- you'll look effortlessly chic. It's that easy.

Elizabeth and James Boyfriend Shirt, $245
It's masculine and elegant. This is one of those buys you'll never get sick of and will wear forever. Makes the price point a bit easier to handle. Even in a recession.

Lucca Couture Silky Sleeve Tee, $38
It's a phenomenon I live to embrace: the dressy tee. Hands down the easiest item to style into your already-existing wardrobe and looks eternally great. The more beat up it gets, the better it looks.

Aerie Mesh Tanga Brief, $12.50
Um, I am fully embarrassed to admit this, but I will for the sake of fashion: Just the other day I considered spending over $200 on an identical pair of boy shorts. These sexy things just made my day. Cannot wait to buy three pairs to wear under all my nude dresses.

Nicole Fasolino spends her days styling and doing creative direction for the online fashion brand Alloy. By sunset she can be found behind the camera, snapping photos for her love-filled 365 Heartbeats Project, writing for her Where There Is Love There Is Life blog and styling photo shoots -- always with her bear-sized 7-month-old son, Luca, propped on her hip. Smile, laugh or say the word "love" around her, and she'll immediately ask you to tell her something about your heart as she takes your picture.