.Fun new site Before You Were Hot chronicles the metaphorical duckling-to-swan journey, in human form.

"We started the site after finding (and laughing about) photos from our own awkward stages," say founders Melissa Walker and Anne Ichikawa, both 32. "We realized that EVERYONE had this bad-style/silly-hair period, and we thought it would be fun to celebrate."

Indeed. At left, some examples, starting with Lynn then: patriotism with crooked glasses to boot.

... Lynn now.

Michael then: middle part, goggle glasses, bucky-the-beaver teeth and all ...

... and Michael now.
Stephanie then: In case you can't tell, there are some lovely gold initials on those sunglasses ...
... and Stephanie now.
Jeremy then: It may not surprise you to know this young fella was suspended from junior high for 'smoking in the boys room' a few weeks after this photo was taken ...

... and Jeremy now.
Erin then (scrunchies, retainer and all).

... and Erin now!