No, really -- Guess My Age is the number one age-guessing site on the Internet! (We're not sure what the competition was like or how accurate this claim may be, but we'll go with it.)

It's surprisingly addictive: A person's photo pops up, you guess her age and hit enter, then you see how far off you were, plus the average age others guessed. And at the same time, another person's photo pops up. You try to quit, but there's just one more person and you just have to know how old they are. Trust us. That's how it works.

Oh, you can submit your own photo too, but the effects on self-esteem are as yet undocumented. Try it yourself!

This photo looks a little like a pre-going-out-with-the-girls picture, so we're thinking "late 20s." Factor in those bright eyes and easygoing smile, and our guess is 27.

We imagine this guy to be a good-natured gentleman on a family vacation, probably with his parents because his family is tight like that. Or maybe he's doing a little mid-life-crisis traveling.

Between the outfit, the pose, the sunglasses and the setting, we're guessing 26 years old. How old do you think he is?

Not many wrinkles, but a wise look behind her eyes. Our guess is 26. (Hint: Dark hair tends to be less deceiving than blond, which we only learned after lots of guessing. It's generally more natural, which helps us better estimate the real age.)

This one is hard ... he's wearing sunglasses --we can't see his eyes! Our guess is 28, but we're not confident.


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