Women milead their friends to make themselves look betterIf you secretly suspect those denim sailor pants make you look like a wide load truck, but your BFF insists they're killer, you should go with your gut.

According to a new survey, 38 percent of women admit to lying to friends about their appearances to make themselves look (and feel) better by comparison. Not only will women tell their pals they look good when they don't, they'll also tell them they should change when, in fact, they look great.

Additional petty crimes women admitted to ranged from pouring a drink onto a girlfriend's clothing item which they envy (while their friend is wearing it), to neglecting to tell a friend that what they're wearing is making them a walking fashion faux pas.

A whopping 66 percent had told a friend she looked fabulous when the opposite was true. The reason we do it, scientific experts say, is maybe even more depressing: "It is about survival and attracting the best possible mate for yourself," Phillip Hodson, fellow of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy, told the Daily Mail. "We don't want to ruin our chances."

Well, if it's really that that you're worried about, ignore your girlfriends' evil scheming and check out our list of the 9 most man-repelling items a woman can keep in her closet. (You're welcome.)