Rejoice, "True Blood" fans! HBO's Southern paranormal hit is back for a third season and it's more apparent than ever that these are not your kid sister's vampires. From bodies to bullets to the requisite biting, the upcoming season looks like something even the most vampire-averse boyfriend would jump at the chance to watch.

While the series has always been, and presumably remains, a tale about equality as much as it is a story of the undead, the powers that be at HBO have gotten the message that America wants Sookie Stackhouse and we want her making out. Enjoy!

Bonus: At midnight on June 1, HBO is hosting live screenings in 50 cities around the country, featuring satellite Q&As with Alan Ball and cast members, a screening of the "True Blood: Season 2" finale and a sneak peek of what's to come, with an extended season 3 trailer. Check it out at

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