MAN-gagement!!!A new trend is calling into question a very old tradition -- the ol' plopping down to one knee in an Italian restaurant and asking somebody to marry you isn't just for guys anymore. Enter the "mangagement" ring.

The rings (often made of tough stuff like titanium and tungsten carbide) are inexpensive, masculine and increasing in popularity -- H. Samuel, Britain's largest jeweler, sells a $150 model called the Tioro, and Gillett's Jewelers in Australia sells mangagement rings ranging in price from $350 to $3,500 for a platinum and white gold band. Although (in case you couldn't have guessed), for the most part men don't want a ring that's too flashy, preferring something understated and tough that won't get in their way when they're doing those manly around-the-house tasks they're always saying they'll get around to doing. Or, you know, channel surfing.

Although the tradition of both men and women wearing engagement rings does already exist in certain cultures, the idea that a woman can take a knee and pop the question is still fairly unheard of here, though it is apparently becoming more mainstream. Not that we know any ladies who've done it. A reasonable agreement between two parties is about as wacky as it gets over here. Do you know a woman who got down and proposed? Were there violins?! Tell us all about it!