Jim Wittenberg proposed via tattoo.Here at Lemondrop, we love a good proposal, but we reeeeeeally love a bad one. Turtle slaughter. Police raids. And now, a rather bland tattoo.

Joe Wittenberg waited until Mother's Day to make his move. He already has a 6-month-old baby with Rachel Streeter, so it seemed like the perfect day to propose. Joe got down on one knee ... and hiked up his pant leg.

There, permanently written on his skin, was a tattoo that read, "Rachel, will you marry me?" Joe's a tattoo artist, so he did the work himself, using a stencil that he made. Fortunately Rachel said yes, or rather, "Of course!" which is now also tattooed on Joe's leg.

Although it's not the worst proposal ever, for some reason it's lacking the charm of, say, the guy in Ohio who built his fiancee a proposal snow castle, or a good old-fashioned ring in the soufflé. Maybe a regular old spoken "Will you marry me" doesn't leave a lasting mark, but it also doesn't start to sag, wrinkle and fade.