Cassie Smith ordered by Hooters to lose weight ... or else.Oh, Hooters, we love your wings. We hate your ... everything else.

So please, don't ruin the wings for us by firing a server for being fat. Especially when she's 5-foot-8 and weighs 132 lbs.

Cassie Smith, 20, works at a Hooters in Michigan and was recently given a performance review. The only complaints were about her uniform sizes. Two women from the Hooters corporate headquarters in Atlanta told hew to shape up or ship out ... literally.

Cassie was given a free membership to a gym and 30 days to drop some pounds. The problem is that her current size doesn't give her that much weight to lose before she's underweight. Hooters reps say they can enforce a fitness requirement because their waitresses are just like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, only with hula hoops and pitchers of Bud.

We also couldn't help but notice that while this girl is being harassed to shed some weight, her assistant regional manager seemed a little more in need of a diet.

Oh, and the restaurant in question has had several health-code violations, which are prrrrrrrrrrobably more important than whether a waitress is wearing small or extra-small booty shorts. Priorities, people!