Dear Every Wedding Ever,

We're sorry, you've just been out-cuted ...

Or at least that's the letter engaged couple Lynnette and James should write to anyone else planning an engagement shoot this millennium.

Since "Up" is their favorite movie, that was the motif of their shoot, and it will make you cry. Or, if you're not the kind of person who cries easily, check this: It's part of the letter James wrote his wife prior to the shoot.

"Lynnette... I have a confession, I am in love with you. It is not the 'usual' love, but the love that makes me remember the little things, the 'boring' things ... the memories of jumping over sidewalk cracks to how the clouds talk to us. You make me remember the moments. It is that love that makes me believe. Belief that I was there when you were a toothless kid. Dancing through life, only stopping to hold my hand. Letting me know that anything is possible. I am in love with you, 'my greatest adventure.'" -- James.

If that isn't enough to make you well up, we're pretty sure your favorite movie must be "Natural Born Killers."