Maybe the men in our lives are actually onto something when it comes to not doing their laundry.

Or perhaps they're trying to let us in on a little secret. A recent study conducted by psychological scientists at Florida State University uncovered some startling and frankly stinky findings: If you want to catch a man's attention, skip the expensive spritzes and stick to your own signature scent.

Say what?

The researchers, Saul L. Miller and Jon K. Maner, set up a curious lab scenario in which women wore the same T-shirt for three nights at different points of their monthly cycle. Men were then asked to do a sniff test, and give saliva samples. The results: Guys who smelled the shirts of ovulating women recorded higher testosterone levels than fellas who were only exposed to tees worn by non-ovulating subjects. Shirts belonging to the ovulating group also scored as more pleasant smelling to the men.

According to Miller and Maner, what this all means is that nature has basically equipped men with fertility radar, and the more hyped up on estrogen you are, the more readily men will go into mating mode. Or at least buy you a drink.

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