castRough night ... in the sack? You're not alone. In a response to a recent study that said one in three people have sustained sex-related injuries, Lemondrop readers confessed the bodily trauma they've endured while getting a bit too passionate.

"I pulled a muscle in my back while on top once. I also had a boyfriend fall out of the shower and hit his head so hard on the sink that he had to go to the doctor ... and was diagnosed with a minor concussion." -- anon

"A mirror was propped against the wall from the back spine of the couch. It crashed down, leaving shards of glass in my boyfriend's back. We had to go to the hospital. True story." -- Kristyn

"I was dating a guy who wanted to be the big, strong man type -- and I am not a little girl by any means. He picked me up -- wanting to throw me on the bed and ravish me ... he missed. I was thrown directly into the nightstand that broke and received a concussion and a hematoma to my elbow!" -- ee

"Straight line bruise and a lot of soreness from hip bone to bip bone from being bent over a table." -- Kristen

"Scars on my back for a year after my ex scratched the sh*t out of me ... good times." -- Khristian
"I frequently pop my hip out (his hips are a lot wider than mine, and I have loose joints), and last week my wrist got twisted somehow and still hurts." -- Tasha

"Does being jabbed by a micro penis with a big ego count?" -- Sonia

Ever fractured a bone, gotten carpet burn or sprained a wrist during sex? We want to know about it.